Holidays To Thailand

Tourist usually prefers to visit to Thailand which is considered as the destination of the world. Variety is the main cause for which people prefers to visit to Thailand. It is also called the place where smile is distributed means land of smiles. This is a fascinating country with many good qualities in it. The people of Thailand called Thai treat other people or you can say tourist in a very well manner way which make them please and they think to travel again. The country is famous for its nature, beauty, cultural heritage, royal palaces, national parks, museum, hills, mountains, rivers, and friendly local people, relaxing areas, food, places, historical places, palaces and countless other reasons.

Holiday in Thailand
Holiday in Thailand

Thai people greet everyone with a big smile on their face. The transportation here is famous and is easily accessible. The connecting facilities are also of great importance.
There are many resorts which are found in Thailand which please many people and tourists. At pattaya, phuket, Ko samai, Ko Phi Phi you can enjoy the resorts facilities.. the ancient cities are Sukho thai and Ayuttahaya. This country Thailand has always something for every individual. You will enjoy your weekend or holiday if you are visiting Thailand.

Thailand’s natural beauty is of immense importance. When you go to Thailand, you will notice that there is a lot to explore here in Thailand which will amaze you. The sports opportunities are also available over here. The art of Muai Thai is also available. Many places like tropical jungles. High mountains, greenery are very much found.

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Thailand has many places to visit including Bangkok, Phitsari, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and many more. The seas and beaches are also very attractive which often liked by the tourists. There is a lot more in this country which it offers to the people travelling from different parts of the world. Low rates flights are found in Thailand, cheap cost, less wastage of time, accessible travelling is being made. Thailand is famous for its silk which is exhibited in different cities of Thailand in the month of December. The climatic change varies with the cities and influences the people according to it. Different types of foods are also available in different tastes and delicious way. You can get many nations food taste here in the cities of Thailand. Thailand is among the most beautiful country of the world.

Bangkok Holidays


In 1782, king Rama I was the one who made Thailand’s capital which was Bangkok. More than 10% population it contains and it is considered to be the largest city. The immigrants are in a large number who still travel here.
This city, Bangkok has now completely developed into a modern and exciting city which sum up with all the trade, culture and tradition. It is one of the cosmopolitan cities of Thailand. It has now advance with all the modern facilities like educational centre, development, industrial, diplomatic, spiritual and commercial. The main port of the country is also here. It has had a great impact on international and domestic travelers. The city of angels is also the name given to Thailand the proper name was given by famous Guinness Book of World Records as the longest name worldwide. It is believed that bnangkok is the heart of the entire nation, this believe is of the thai people.

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Many famous shrines are located over here like Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Grand Palace and also the Temple of the Dawn and many more. This city has its own cultural heritage. The major places where people of other countries get attracted from this city of angels are Wats, golden temples, canal scenes, zoos, floating markets. The national museum was also considered to be very important invention which attracted many people. The market at Chatuchak Park is worth looking which is situated near the northern Mo Chit Bus Terminal. It has numerous modern attractions which the masses enjoy. From the concert halls to amusement parks they are all worth la visit. Dining out and spending night places are also found here in Bangkok. Other entertainments include cinemas, discos and shows which make people of other countries happy. As all over Thailand ancient monuments are also found in Bangkok.

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Lopburi often referred to as Lob Buri, previously known as Lavo provides an amazing mixture of ancient and modern life. It is now the metropolitan city of Lopburi state. It is less than 3 hours from Bangkok which makes it a perfect place to visit and rejuvenate.

Lopburi is located on the eastern border of the Chao Phraya River valley, alongside the Lopburi and Pa Sak Rivers, nearly 153 kilometres northern side of Bangkok. Lopburi has several historical places as well as a national museum with numerous archaeological sculptures. The city is a must visit place if you are curious about Thailand’s ancient past. Lopburi, being one of the oldest cities of Thailand, provides you all the signs of Thai history. Its history is as old as the period of Dvaravati which is nearly 1000 years ago. Several Dvaravati sculptures of antiquity are stored in the significant Lopburi National Museum, however numerous of the best pieces are placed in the National Museum of Bangkok.

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Lopburi enjoys an important location of capital for the Khmer state based in Angkor dating back to the 10th century. They destroyed all major buildings removing most Dvaravati marks. Therefore majority of the oldest ruins are examples of Khmer architecture. Khmer dominated their rule until the mid of the 13th century.
Lopburi afterwards merged with the Ayutthaya kingdom. Lopburi is referred to as the second capital with influences of King Narai after Ayutthaya. He spent about 8 months of a year at Lopburi when several diplomatic talks with European powers were exercise. However, this was stopped after King Narai’s death in 1688, but partially continued in 1856 by King Rama IV of the Ratanakosin period. The architectural design of Lop Buri in the era of King Narai provides a blend of Thai and Western styles as evident from the Royal Palace and the Royal Reception House.

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Nan, which is also known as Muang Nan, is located in a verdant valley in Northern Thailand approximately 668 kilometres north of Bangkok. Its beauty and peaceful surroundings serves as a brilliant holiday destination. Nan is located near the border with the Nan River which is one of the large tributaries of the Chao Phraya River.

Nan is rich in Thailand’s history. Since centuries, Nan was an anonymous state. Burmese captured Nan in 1558 and then Nan became a part of Thailand in the beginning of the 20th century. The city comprises of 4 kilometres consisting of three bridges that connect both ends of the Nan River. The three bridges are Sriboonruang Bridge, the Pattana Paknue Bridge and the Nakorn Nan Pattana Bridge. The prime monuments of the city are located near Pha Kong Road and Mahayot Road. Nan City can be discovered by walking during the day time if it is not hot.

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Nan is known for its hospitality, restaurants and accommodation facilities. Nan is a home of many hill tribes. The city includes a beautiful riverfront. Nan has fascinating geographical areas. It is boosting as an excellent holiday location, the cost is bit expensive but it is the once in a life time experience for nature lovers. The town includes magnificent temple sites, sophisticated museums and few fascinating historical sites like Nan National Museum, Wat Suan Tan, Wat Phra That Khao Noi, Wat Phumin, Pha Toob Arboretum. Other fascinating sites include Wat Chang Kham, situated in the centre of Nan City and built in 1426. There is Buddha sculptures and elephant’s sculptures. Nan is popular for its annual boat race, held in October or November when the water level is high. The racing tradition is as old as the Ayutthaya period, nearly 600 years ago.

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Nong Khai is the metropolitan of Nong Khai state in the Isan, the North-Eastern area of Thailand. The city is 615 kilometers from Bangkok. Nong Khai is a peaceful Thai town, majority of the locals are friendly, co-operative and can speak a little bit of English. The town is home to few Chinese and Vietnamese people as well.

The scenery around Nong Khai and along the Mekong River consists of forests and sweeping landscapes, the town has every touch of a local Thai town. There are several guesthouses and restaurants providing not only Thai food, but also delicious Vietnamese, Lao and western cuisines. Tourists can cross the river into neighboring Laos with the help of the Friendship Bridge. Tourists can also purchase classic handicrafts of the area and neighboring Laos. Travelling to this beautiful and relaxing town is a brilliant idea.
Nong Khai involves a huge variety of attractions for tourists including Wat Pho Chai. This is the home of Luangpho Phra Sai. Sala Keoku is another beautiful place to visit. It is also known as Wat Khaek and situated 6 kilometer east of Nong Khai. It is a wonderful sculpture garden consisting of worth watching statues of Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha, human-animal hybrids as well as numerous other figures from Hindu and Buddhist culture and religion.

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Another place to visit is Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary which is near the Mekong River and consists of forested hills, wonderful waterfalls and wildlife such as elephants and tigers. Tha Sadet market town is the buying and selling point for local business between Nong Khai and neighbouring Laos, the market is usually known as “Indochina Market”. Phu Thok (“isolated mountain” in Isan dialect), is located in Amphoe Buang Kan. It is a giant outcropping of rock and stones. Because of its tranquility and physical shape, it is a meditation point.


Thailand Breaks

Poo-gut is the pronunciation of Phuket town which to city status is upgraded. Due to the beach, this Phuket city is sometimes ignored but basically it contains many wonderful things which are unnoticed and pleasant. This city was mostly found by Chinese and the merchants of Malaysia who served the close mines, to make it commercial, social and main centre, this town was grown widely.
This city is now known to be simple, old but also modern, peaceful, lively with less population than 100,000. It also contains much other religion in it. The heritage which is mostly influenced is its architecture which is very attractive. Much wonderful architecture are found by the people for instance, style of Chinese. Of this old culture, there are plenty of effective museums. Some shrines of Chinese people are also available in this town of Phuket example, Put law and Jui Tui that are near the market or off Ranong road.
In this town of Phuket, many visitors can find interesting places here, like shopping centers, department stores, hypermarkets and even small noodle shops. Many boutiques, antiques and galleries to sell handicrafts are there in Chinatown’s Thanon Thalang.
In October, the vegetarian festival takes place. In November, Loy Krathong which is also a festival takes place. The vegan diet here is noticed for 10 days. The phuket Orchid Garden, Thai village, Phuket Butterfly garden and Insectariums are few attractive places noticed which are near Tesco Lotus supermarket. There are many more locations which gives good impact to visitors. Few old buildings are also very attractive like the Government house.

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On the beaches, many lodging and position of food are found. Here, in this city many hotels are also available which are of good quality? Even bars, discos, guesthouses are also there at cheap and sensible costs.


Out of eight districts of Tak province, one is also Umpang, umphang and it is also called as um phang. This is surrounded on the border of west of Thailand and Burma. The hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfall and wild life are widely found in Umphang.
In umpang, many cities are named in Karen language as Karen was considered as the old time settlers. Karen, Thai, Shan and many more occupied this region. Elephant was the animal used as a source of cars etc. From Chiang Mai to Mae sot, the buses are the way of transport; the journey takes about 7 hours and 8 hours from Bangkok. Then from their bus is required which is to highway 1090, it has many curves and can be pleasant. It takes around 4 to 5 hours if the mean of transport is car. Umpang is also associated with Myanmar border with highway 1167. May to November is the season when rain takes place. The streets are tiresome from June till October and huge rains are noted in the months from July till October. November till February are the months which are considered to be the good months among all the months.

In the Eastern Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, umphang is situated. In 1991, it was considered as the biggest World heritage site. For many wildlife around near the forest, umphang is the place for them. The animals include tigers, apes, leopards, elep[hants and few others as well. Many small insects like butterflies, hornbill also consider this placer as their home. This place which is called umphang also includes waterfall and is known to be major water source. Klong River is supposed to be the useful and essential river of Umphang where there is local water fall. Among Thailand, the greatest waterfall is the Thi-Lo-Su (also Ti-Lo-Su or Tee Lo Su).


In Thailand, Phitsanulok is the great and ancient city which was located on Nan River. It was considered to be 377 km north of Bangkok. The people living their now are more than 85000.
King Naresuan was born over here who was the great of Ayutthaya. His monument is also situated to king Naresuan which is near Chandahana Palace. When trhe reign of Ayutthaya king Trailokanat was ruling, Phitsanulok was the capital for around 25 years.
Phra Buddha Chinnarat is considered as the most beautiful of phitsanulok which is the Buddha image at Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahatat Woramahawihan. In Thailand this Buddha is considered and placed on second position after Emerald Buddha which is lovcated in Bangkok. The folklore museum was aqlso known to be good and pleasant place which has good impact on household instruments also it has the most wonderful set of folkloric artifacts, the shrine of king Naresuan the great, the factory of Buddha casting (where craftsmen works on large bronze images of Buddha), night markets and floating restaurants on the Nan River are few of the places which are well known and considered for enjoyment.
For political and other reasons, this place is considered very much important. It is also considered as a major source for transportation and for the communication hub which helps it to connect anywhere in any part of the Thailand. Hot and humid is the temperature noted in Phitsanulok, waterfalls are also found with parks and amusements. For instance, Thung Salaeng Luang National Park is known for its scenary and beauty with many animals which are wildlife. Nowadays, Phitsanulok plays a great role in the air and connecting centre. When you are on a journey of Thailand, this place visit should be must. It is the most welcoming and reserves place of the west.


Khon kaen is situated in the heart of Isan which is Northeastern Thailand. This province has an area of 10,885 square kilometers. Its population is over 200,000 and it’s the fourth largest city. Its location is that from Bangkok 449 km north. From nong Khai it is 219km, korat it is also the same as nong Khai, ubon Ratachathani is far of 292km. It has been noticed that around many years back, this was governed by the dinosaurs and after that few other cultures including the Kyhmer Empire which is occupied by plateau. During the period of King Rama I, Khon kaen was made. This place is also considered to be important in a sense of communication, transportation, education and also government centre. The best universities of Thailand are considered to be Khon Kaen University and also the Rajamangala institute of technology. In the Isan, Khon kaen was among the headquarters. Good quality silk industry is also well known of Khon Kaen. A silk fair is organized every December as it’s the speciality of this place where the best and good quality material is given to people on reasonable prices.

One of the old and beautiful lake of this place is Bueng Kaen Nakhon which entertain people in many ways and is a good place for many purposes including amusement, picnic and many more.
The different museums are also located in this Khon Kaen. Here the most beautiful museum is Khon Kaen national museum where different animals are found and this place is enjoyed by all and is very famous among the people who travel from other countries.
As compared to other places of Thailand, here national parks are also found among which is Phu Wieng National park which is 90 km northwest of Khon kaen. In this park the old bodies of dinosaurs and herbivores are found. Paradorn Srichaphan was the reputed tennis player who was born in Khon kaen.


After Bangkok, Chiang Mai is considered to be the second biggest province. On the sout Tak is found. On its east are the Chiang Rai, Lampang and Lamphun. On its west is the Mae Hong son. Chiang Mai borders are on the north. Its location is about 310 meters above the sea level on the Mae Ping River basin. In this Chiang Mai, Ping is the biggest river which flows from north to south along 540 km. there are high and big mountain ranges which is in north in Chiang Mai which in population is about 70% which are wrapped with forests and countryside. Like other places national parks are also situated here with many wildlife animals including deer, elephants and many more. Doi Inthanon is considered as the largest mountain of Thailand which above the sea level is about 2565.

Lua, Mon, Yao, Akha, Karen, Lisu and Muser people who are of dissimilar caste and minority lives over here. Many tourists desire to visit such villages which are of great interest to them.
Chiang Mai is supposed to be the political, geographical, economical city of northern Thailand. This place also have direct contact with the international flights travelling and which are inside the country and associated with other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, Taiwan and many more. If travelling by air it is cheap and also easy with less duration of time as compared to bus.
Few places which are located near to Chaing Mai include
Doi Saket, Chiang Dao, Pai, Soppong, Mae Salong, Mae Hong Song, Chiang Saen and Mae Chaem. This place Chiang Mai also gives many more chances with the tours of jungle, riding of elephants, bike riding, river rafting and mountain trekking and many more.
Many resorts are also found here. For tourist complete care and hygiene treatment is available over here.


From Bangkok, on its south east Pattaya is found which 165 km is. It is located in the province of Chon Buri which is the main part of the area. The meaning of this word is SOUTH-WEST MONSOON WIND. In Thailand it is very famous considered as resort with a legendary lifetime. When you travel from Bangkok it is just of 2 hours drive as its a very easy destination. Many visitors travel in Pattaya as it is within easy reach of the capital. For many of the people who travel from overseas Pattaya, is often an unforgettable experience.

The American forces used this Pattaya as rest and enjoyment centre during the war. The city is nowadays focusing on its maintenance and doing every possible act to make it good for people. The tourists get very much attracted with few places found over here like Phra Tamnak Hill, Coral Island, Wat Yansangwararam, the museum, of bottle art and many more are included in it. Few temples and palaces are also found here for worship which includes Mini Siam. Many parks of amusements are also there which SriRacha Tiger zoo is.

This place is also considered as a place where the shopper can get anything needed as the boutiques in the malls sell garments, silk, clothes, jewellery, painting, shoes, sports goods, and a lot more. They are generally found on the south side of Pattaya along with many hotels.The accomodation is wide spread and offered by nice hotels which offer great local food – particularly a wide variety of fresh seafood is widely served in the local establishments. There are many food varities like Thai, Singaporean, English, French, Chinese cuisine to name but a few.


The location of chiang Rai is on the AKok River Basin. The one of the northern province of Thailand is the Chiang Rai. The area occupied by this province of Thailand is almost 11,678 square kilometers with an average altitude of 580 meters above the level of sea.
Golden Triangle is the place where this province is centered. This was considered old back as the centre of the opium and heroin production. In 1262 AD this province was founded. The founder of this province was King Mengrai or you can say Mangrai. Of the thai kingdom, Chiang rai became its part once more in 1786. In 1910, a Thai Province was proclaiming at the time in power of king Rama VI

To Chiang Mai the best alternative is Chiang Rai which is gifted by God with natural beauty and many people visit here with no fear. The attractive places here are the botanical gardens, buffalo horn hills. the powerful Mekong River, Doi Tung (“Flag Mountain”), Doi Mae Salong Mountain (including its nearby tea plantation), Pu Kaeng Waterfall, Khun Kon Waterfall, Nam Khun Kon Forest Park and more. Yao, The akha, Lisu, Lahu, Lahu Sai, Karen are the people also found here. All of them maintain their own different ways which are uniquely important to the people. Tourism is very important to the region particularly the museum of Chiang Saen is very famous and has some amazing Buddha images inside it. Here an exhibition takes place here to highlight the artifacts. A Buddhist temple which is known as Wat Phra Kaew is very important and it has before the place for the Emerald Buddha which is the most beautiful image found in Thailand. Another important place is also the Phra Tamnak Doi Tung, which was the place of Princess Mother. Many more important places are also found.


To the west of Bangkok, this place is situates which has approximately travel time of 2 hours by bus. The 3rd largest province is this city which has an area of 19,486 square kilometers. The forested mountains are all surrounded which makes the temperature cooler than all the other cities.
This city was made by King Rama I as the first defense line against the Burma people. The old city was of 18km away. The capital of this province was Kanchanaburi city which is known to be popular itself.

Kanchanaburi itself captivates scenic beauty in a landscape characterized by easily accessible and spectacular waterfalls, wild jungles, river cruises, Mountain Rivers, tranquil riverside, reservoir settings, national parks, varied wildlife and Neolithic burial grounds, the combination of these elements makes it an excellent tourist purpose for nature lovers. The town itself is a place to relax watching the water slide or inside a raft house. Many companies like to have a rest along the river with a cold drink and a good manublocked. Many of them come here just for a couple days but keep on for weeks. Visitors find out why Kanchanaburi is one of the most beautiful provinces in the Kingdom of Thailand.